Our Services

Rockyview Medical Clinic offers a full range of family medical services, referrals to specialists and walk-in appointments for non-emergency medical needs.

We welcome patients to our convenient Calgary location for physicals, pre and post natal care, pediatric and geriatric care, and specialty services, including:

  • ECG (Electrocardiogram).
  • Complete physical examination.
  • Disability forms.
  • AISH forms.
  • work forms.
  • EI forms.
  • Tax disability forms.
  • Work related Injeries (WCB).
  • Pregnancy test.
  • Urine test.
  • Wart treatment.
  • Mole removal & Skin tag removal & Skin biopsy.
  • Spirometry.
  • Cardio Phone ( One week and Two weeks Heart Holter mointoring).
  • 24 hour Blood Pressure mointoring.
  • Suturing and staples removal.
  • Wound care and dressing.
  • Pre natal care up to 20 weeks.
  • Chronic disease nurse and nutritionist via PCN(Mondays).
  • Counselling and mental health via PCN (Mondays).
  • Full eye and Retinal Exam for Diabetic Patients with advise and refferal if needed.
  • Physiotherapy (Wednsdays & Weekdend). call for info and appointments.  Ph: 403-663-5974.
  • Acupuncture.
  • Chiropracter
  • Hearing test.
  • Ear flushing.
  • Refferal to a variety of specialsits whenever is needed.
  • Medicinal marijuana counselling and prescribing is availabe now. Please call to be booked with one of our physicians. Ph: 403-663-5974
  • Massage therapist is available. Call for info and appointments. 403-663-5974.
  • Not all services performed by your doctor are paid for by Alberta Health Care. Some services, called Uninsured Services, are performed by your doctor and need to be paid by you before you receive the service. Please ask the front staff for more Information.


Rockyview Medical Clinic